Zenith Estates

Zenith Estates

Lot Size: 1 Acre   Lot Location: 33.795673, -112.073477

Lot Breakdown

Lot: 1  


Plan: -, Elevation C   Price:

Lot: 2  


Plan: Prescott RV Plan, Elevation A   Price: $1,525,000

Lot: 3  


Plan: Payson Plan, Elevation C   Price: $1,570,000

Lot: 4  


Plan: Payson Plan, Elevation B   Price: $1,380,000

Lot: 5  


Plan: Prescott RV Plan, Elevation C   Price: $1,700,000

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Lots 2, 3 & 5 are Spec Homes with high end finishes pre-selected. Ask your NEXTGEN Sales Representative for details.

Pricing may change without notice.

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